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Welcome to Passion as Prayer

Your #1 Resource for helping you to 
Uncover Your Authentic Sensual Nature and
Step into Your True Feminine Power

You deserve to Feel Deliciously Sensual, and Ultrafeminine


Are you tired of feeling tired, overwhelmed, burnt out and disconnected from your body?

Are you aching to feel the depth of your pleasure, and your true feminine nature?

Then keep reading…I want to show you how to live your life from your feminine energy to feel radiant, sensuous and vibrant every day.

The fact that you have made your way here is a big sign that you are ready. 
 You are ready…to follow your heart and your inner knowing as it’s leading you to fully explore the pleasures of your body, to find your feminine energy, and to source your life from that place.  You are also ready to move through your fears and your blocks to get some help once and for all.

We all have to get to that place in ourselves…I remember when I made the decision to do whatever it would take to release my past and open up the pleasures of my body.  I was frustrated from so many unfulfilling sexual experiences and I just had this deep sense of knowing that there was a huge part of my personal power that was rooted in my sensual energy.  And I could feel that my body was holding the traumas and heartbreaks and unmet longings of my past.  I was in a great deal of emotional and psychological pain that was preventing me from truly loving myself and from truly enjoying the pleasures of my body.  I spent many nights up late crying or trying to find ways to soothe the pain.

But here’s the thing, when I finally decided to step up for myself and do the inner work it takes to truly feel sensuous and ultrafeminine, Goddess opened the way.  Every place in me that needed attention was revealed and self-care and self-love became my path.  On that path, the cultivation of sensual delight became not just part of a special occasion, but a normal part of my everyday life.  And one experience after another appeared, like magic, to feed and nurture my growing feminine power.  Not only did it work in my life, but Goddess then called me to coach and lead other women to find their sensuous expression.

​It seems that deciding to take authentic action spurs the Universe to respond!

Imagine if YOU could step into your feminine, sensual power and live the delicious life that you deserve.

Now you can.

Over the past seven years I’ve led powerful women’s rituals and workshops, and teachers trainings in several countries around the world, that have been filled with women who were ready to taste their feminine power through their sensuality.  I’m also teaching other women how to find the courage to release patterns from their past and to embrace the potency of their sexuality.

My lifetime experience of dance and movement, and 17 years of studying the top experts on women’s power and spirituality, combined with 12 years of intensive study of sacred sexuality and sensuality has become my

“Sensual Siren Coaching Program”

for women who are ready to know the pleasures of their bodies and step into their feminine power.

Here’s how I’d love to help you!

I’ve brought together my material to give you the best of what I know so far, to help you with the steps and processes that you can use to access your authentic sensual expression.

I’m offering one-on-one coaching so that you can really step into your feminine pleasure faster.  You’ll be able to work on your specific issues so there is no excuse for you not accessing your desires.

Consistent coaching has proven to be the most reliable resource for all successful women to grow their
personal power.

Imagine what your life would be like if you felt relaxed and at ease in your body.  How would your life be different if you woke up every day feeling open to life and ready to meet the world in your vulnerable, sensuous, feminine softness?

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The time has come.  Are you ready?
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