Receiving the Intimacy you want and deserve

Few, if any, of us received adequate modeling or learning around what healthy intimate relationships look and feel like. Most of us entered the world of romantic relationships with no clue as to how to do them well, and have found ourselves trapped in painful patterns and dysfunction with no idea of how to get out of them. 

When we’re in it, it’s so hard to see what we’re in…especially if we’ve never received needed information to know what we’re actually dealing with.  On top of that, oxytocin bonding for a woman is very real and can make it incredibly difficult to extract herself from being bonded with someone who’s wrong for her. 

However, with the right kind of support and guidance, it is entirely possible to alchemize those old patterns into intimacy gold. 

Our work together will help you look into these patterns and move on from pain into true empowerment.  This applies to both past and present relationships.  From that place, you can begin the journey towards the beauty of real intimacy. 

Sessions will address things like: 

Discovering what True Intimacy feels like
Taking apart the patterns
Facing the parts of you that allow and participate in painful relationships
Transmuting the painful past into a pleasurable present
Finding your voice
Knowing your own worth