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Unleash Your Authentic Sensuality 

If you are like most women, your life is filled with a packed schedule and never ending to-do lists. Moving through your days with non-stop busyness then dropping into bed fully exhausted at night, it's easy to feel disconnected from your awareness of your own body, your own femininity. Living in this kind of dull and passionless way, surrounded by increasing amounts of external stimulation, you barely have a moment to stop and breathe nevertheless to give a thought to your sensuality.

In this way of modern living the realm of the sensual is often relegated to what we see in movies, thought of as a romantic fantasy (if thought of at all), or repressed as a dream or a fleeting longing.
But, you CAN experience life every day as an abundant offering of pleasure and delight for your senses. To do so, you simply need to shift your awareness to a point where you can recognize the pleasures available to your own body, in your own life...just as they are right now.

Each lesson of this course offers you the opportunity to tune in with your Self more deeply and tap into the exquisite sense of joy that is found in getting to fully know your pleasure body.

Through this course you will:

  • Learn how to give yourself permission to feel sensual and passionate
  • Uncover lost or hidden desires
  • Discover how being in touch with pleasure creates greater ease and joy in your life
  • Learn how you can find pleasure in every day
  • Discover the beauty of you
  • Overcome body image issues to enjoy greater pleasure in your body
  • Dissolve sexual shame
  • Explore your Inner Erotic Goddess

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Online Course